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Spencer MA Listings
Spencer, MA - $209,900
29 Lakeshore Dr - Single-Family - Cottage - Rooms:5 - Beds:3 - Baths:2
Spencer, MA - $259,900
65 Wilson St - Single-Family - Cape - Rooms:7 - Beds:3 - Baths:1
Spencer, MA - $334,000
21 Kittredge Rd - Single-Family - Colonial - Rooms:8 - Beds:4 - Baths:3
Spencer, MA - $218,998
29 Irving St - Single-Family - Raised Ranch - Rooms:7 - Beds:3 - Baths:1
Spencer, MA - $45,000
Lot 2 A Northwest Rd - Land - Acres:2.76

West Brookfield MA Listings
West Brookfield, MA - $275,000
153 Shoreline Dr - Single-Family - Bungalow - Rooms:5 - Beds:2 - Baths:1
West Brookfield, MA - $299,900
20 Pleasant - Single-Family - Bungalow - Rooms:7 - Beds:3 - Baths:2
West Brookfield, MA - $369,000
15 West Main - Commercial - Year Built:1836 - Acres:1.12
West Brookfield, MA - $369,000
15 West Main - Single-Family - Colonial, Antique - Rooms:10 - Beds:4 - Baths:1/1
West Brookfield, MA - $175,000
113 West Main St. - Land - Acres:0.5

Worcester MA Listings
Worcester, MA - $254,900
5 Rankin St - Multi-Family - Units:2 - Levels:2 - Parking Spaces:2
Worcester, MA - $207,900
7 Pleasant Terrace - Multi-Family - Units:2 - Levels:3 - Parking Spaces:0
Worcester, MA - $219,900
211 June St - Condo - 2/3 Family - Rooms:8 - Beds:4 - Baths:2
Worcester, MA - $489,000
34 Monadnock Rd - Single-Family - Colonial - Rooms:11 - Beds:5 - Baths:3/1
Worcester, MA - $229,900
30 Rosslare Dr - Condo - Townhouse - Rooms:6 - Beds:2 - Baths:2/1
  • Sue ComoSue Como
    Monday, October 08, 2012 8:16:00 AM
    Here is my first blog about questions you may want to ask to a real estate agent.  I am new at this so bear with me I will get better and hopefully more interesting.
    When I am out with buyers they sometimes hate to ask too many questions, I try to squash that thought right away because "if you don't know the answer to something how can it be a dumb question".
    You are buying the biggest asset of your life for maybe the first time and haven't been associated with the twists and turns of this business for over 23 years like I have so ask away.  Sometimes even after the 23 years I may not know either so I would have to find out too.
    I find questions great because they make you feel better and you now know rather than leaving a home and worrying or wondering about something that may have been solved with a question. Not knowing just adds unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation.
    So ask away and feel better...
    If you are working with someone who seems to get frustrated with all your questions about roofs, water in the basement, or even whats that smell  you may want to find someone else.
    Buying a home can be fun and exciting with the right person. 
    Tags: Ask questions to a real estate agent
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